BEST4WEALTH, an offer with a completely open architecture both at the levels of insurerer and manager’s choice (multi-management contract).

BEST4WEATH is a solution for wealthy private clients who wish to replicate their investment choices, with minimum to no death cover, but still benefit from the financial and non-financial advantages of a fully compliant life insurance in their country of residence.

Assets in the policy account are managed by a third party (client’s asset manager) and custody is provided by a third party (client’s custody bank in a segregated account per client with highest protection laws applied). Individual clients can chose from the best discretional management mandates of the best asset managers in Europe.

The insurance wrapper is an ideal tool for wealthy clients who wish to simplify all, or part, of their wealth structuring by using a fully compliant life insurance solution in adherence with their home country rules in terms tax advantages, inheritance planning, asset protection, regional diversification and privacy.

BEST4WEALTH is, therefore, a development of concepts of open architecture thanks to a  multi-management strategy that gives preference to a matrix dimension.